Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fat Head

This movie is a must-watch! (Rent it on Amazon instant video for $3.99 using the link on the right.)

Comedian and former health writer Tom Naughton's made "Fat Head" as a spin-off rebuttle to "Super Size Me". Naughton eats fast food for 30 days and actually manages to lose weight and better his cholesterol numbers! How? By using a little common sense: skip the soda pop, make sensible choices (well, as sensible as can be made in the fast-food setting), keeping calorie intake around 2000 per day, and getting some light exercise.

Just to be clear, Naughton isn't advocating that fast food is healthy, he explicitly says during the movie that is not the case. What he is demonstrating is that we need to quit the blame game: health and weight problems are not the fault of fast food companies or the government. This movie is very pro-personal-responsibility, which I agree with 110%.

I also loved that he presented GOOD information on nutrition and calls-out what we've been led to falsely believe. In other words: the government's food pyramid and high-carb low-fat diet are NOT the way to go! He features experts that I've enjoyed reading the books of, such as Michael Eades MD, Mary Eades MD, Mary Enig PhD, Sally Fallon, Gary Taubes, and others. It's nice to see that better information about nutrition is becoming more mainstream, yet it's still a sad state that the recommendations pushed by the government, American Heart Association, and others that are so outmoded and have been disproved, but they continue to recommend them.

My rating: 4½ / 5 stars. Watch this movie!

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