Sunday, November 28, 2010

Northwestern Kansas Pictures - Part I

I never thought I'd actually take pictures of fields and cows! I feel like such a tourist!

But I've realized those of us that grew up in the country are the minority nowadays. Most people have no connection to where their food really comes from; they just buy their food from the grocery store and really don't give a second thought to where it originated from. And many have never been out in the country or to a farm.

So while I was back in Northwestern Kansas for Thanksgiving, I snapped a few pictures. These were taken in Rooks and Ellis counties.

This is "Part I", I'll be posting more pics and little tid-bits when I got back at different times of year, so stay tuned!

Wheat field.
This wheat was planted a short while ago, it will be harvested next year.

Cows in a pasture.
Note the land is rocky and hilly, not ideal for crops.

Cows on milo stubble.
Many farmers will move cattle onto crop land temporarily after harvesting.

Hay bale.
Grass in ditches is cut & baled for animal food.

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