Sunday, April 24, 2011

2011 Garden Planted

With the help of my wonderful fiance, 2011's garden is in the ground!

Don't count on any of my gardening blog entries to be sound growing advice, I am a newbie, last year was the first time I had a garden of my own. I also tend to have a "brown thumb".

On second though, there is one way you can use my gardening blog entries for advice: If I can manage to keep it alive, anyone can!

This year, in-ground we only planted tomatoes. Last year we also tried peppers and cantaloupe, but they didn't so so well. It could have been due to our soil, aka clay. Last year we had added a bunch of top soil pre-gardening, and in the fall we added our compost and raked all our leaves on the garden area and covered for the winter. Hopefully our soil is much better for growing this year!

Tomato Patch - mostly assorted heirloom varieties
(With my dog Josie helping out.)

I tried growing many different herbs last year. Some I succeeded, some I failed. Basil was the one I kept alive the best, so this year I'm concentrating on basil first and foremost. And it will be oh-so-yummy with the fresh tomatoes and some olive oil!


Strawberries are a new adventure. I haven't tried to grow them before, so we'll see what happens!



  1. yay!!! I love garden shots :-) I hope everything grows strong this year

  2. Basil is one of the easiest herbs to grow. We're planting a garden this year, but we decided to go with raised garden beds, because our soil isn't very good and it will help keep it contained. We'll have to compare notes on our first ever gardens!